As long as you consume any amount in business cooperators of i·Tiandi and show electronic membership card, you can accumulate member points of i ·Tiandi. Points can be used for directly the expenditure. The more you consume, the more you will save. There are value coupon, fabulous gifts and special services, etc. The more you consume, the more concessions you will enjoy.

Each merchant among nearly one hundred i·Tiandi cooperation merchants will provide different generous benefits, such as points, discounts and gifts, etc., for members. What you want to obtain can be obtained in i·Tiandi.

i·Tiandi members cannot only enjoy member benefits of each commercial project under China Xintiandi, but also enjoy the exclusive services and concessions among alliance cooperation brands, such as China Eastern Airlines exchange with i·Tiandi points and exclusive five-star hotel discounts, etc. Value-added services of i·Tiandi brings about richer life experience to you.

i·Tiandi members can enjoy rights for priority enjoyment and special services of various activities, know dynamic conditions of exciting activities the first time, as well as apply online to participate conveniently, so that you will not miss every wonderful moment. In addition, you can also experience intelligent services, such as WeChat parking, etc.

i·Tiandi members can participate in different member clubs created by i·Tiandi based on their needs and interests.
•BonBonB Club: It is specially designed for the most beloved kids. Members participate in club have priority to or freely participate in parents-child campaign, enjoy children facilities of shopping mall.
•Elite Club: As career elite, you cannot sacrifice life for work, i·Tiandi accompanies you live through every important moment.
•Business Club: You shuttle around the world and certainly look forward to more convenient and efficient services. As i·Tiandi members, you can enjoy rights and interests, such as green channel, etc. of merchant, as well as the opportunity to receive gifts tailored by i·Tiandi for members.