• 2016
    Jul-Aug. From July 7 to August 31, Cracking Art “ANIMAL LANDING” art exhibition is landing in Shanghai Xintiandi. Snails, meerkats, wolves, frogs, tropical fish and swallows, 235 different colors and sizes image of giant animals through the most popular spots of Xintiandi.
    Jun. From June 6-19, the first Xintiandi Fringe Festival takes place in Shanghai Xintiandi area, where seventeen brilliant works will be performed by artists worldwide. Featured by diversity and novelty, most of the works or original plays premier in China. This festival is distinctive in ground breaking performing spaces, and viewing experience within close range.
    Jun-Aug. From June 1 to August 28, THE GREAT ANDERSEN Classical Fairytales Exhibition, brings a spectacular fairytales story interactive experience to HUBINDAO shopping center, Hongqiao Tiandi The HUB, and Ruihong Tiandi Hall of the Stars. This summer, let’s meet “THE GREAT ANDERSEN” in Shanghai.
    Apr-Aug. “LEONARDO DA VINCI’S EARLIER MONA LISA”, Xintiandi presents an exhibition from Apr 2016 to Aug 2016. A masterpiece, younger version of Mona Lisa is exhibiting for the first time in China. This exhibition offers the audience to an archaeological journey of a masterpiece.
    Apr. In April, the Shanghai Xintiandi S/S fashion season come to 2016, offers the fashion icons and fashion lovers a series of events with the theme ‘MAGNIFICENT’. THE HOUSE sets the showrooms of several designers, while the Xintiandi Style shopping mall holds various and interesting fashion salon Workshops.

    From April 6 to April 30, Shanghai Xintaindi South Block Piazza, and other areas set up “You Are in Karl’s Mind” interactive installation creatively, Customers are encouraged to upload own photos to the glasses of the Karl Lagerfeld, to participate in the selection, the winner wins the round-trip ticket from Shanghai to Paris.

    From April 8 to April 16, Shanghai Fashion Week – 2016 A/W collection launches in Xintiandi Taipinghu Park, nearly 50 distinctive fashion collections released. Among these designer brands, 7 of them have stores in Shanghai Xintiandi and Xintiandi Style shopping mall.
    Feb. On February 24, Based on domestic and international original design to support a shared vision. Asia’s Leading International Design Event – Design Shanghai and Xintiandi are announcing a strategic partnership. Xintiandi is not only an exclusive sponsor for Design Shanghai Pavilion but it also serves as a pre-show and after-show venue, an extension site outside this grand design event.
    Jan. From January 22 to February 29, co-operated with a Dutch artist Peter Riezebos and artgogo.com, Xintiandi presents an extraordinary art installation in celebration of the Year Monkey, combining traditional images such as Monkey King and Hua Guo Shan, with modern art.
  • 2015
    Dec. 31 On December 31, as the Shanghai famous cultural landmark, Shanghai Xintiandi holds the 2016 New Year’s Eve Countdown Party, bring Shanghai citizens and foreigners a fabulous night with the live music from the famous singers Hacken Lee and A-Lin, accompanied by the elaborate stage design and brilliant lighting effect.
    Dec. In December, “Glacier Adventure” Exhibition is held in Shanghai Xintiandi HUBINDAO Shopping Mall. Xintiandi HUBINDAO Glacier World Adventure take you to a magical journey under -10℃ temperature. This 1,200 square meters exhibition include 3 section: the main exhibition area, sports area and shopping & entertainment area. The main exhibition area showcase ice sculptures of giant prehistoric animal specimens include creative and interactive multimedia. Excitement games located in the sport area where you can find popular ice activities such as ice bumper car, ice bicycle and skiing game! Finally,do not miss the glacier boutique filled with creative souvenirs and gourmet foods. Save the date for glacier multi-sensory experience that you will never forget!
    Nov. “KISS TREE” of Shanghai Xintiandi which has brought about surprise and move for two consecutive years will come in time once again. Shanghai Xintiandi joins hands with world-renowned design studio Paul Cocksedge Studio to write the legendary journey of magic power, light and love for three consecutive years and open the series of activities “KISS SHANGHAI” in this winter in Shanghai.
    Oct. 2016 S/S collection release of Shanghai Fashion Week is held in Xintiandi Taipinghu park;
    HUBINDAO Shopping Mall celebrates its Soft opening;
    Voice of World – Xintiandi Music Week 2015 will start on Oct 1st.
    Apr-Aug. Van Gogh Alive exhibition.
    Apr. “Free Your Style 2015 RIBA Windows Project @ Shanghai Xintiandi”. In this year, in partnership with the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and British Council for the third time, Shanghai Xintiandi continually bring the cross-over design art with infinite originality for Shanghai citizens in Shanghai Xintiandi, Xintiandi Style Shopping Mall and Corporate Avenue. This project is also one of projects in 2015 Sino-British cultural exchange year;

    2015 autumn and winter work release of Shanghai Fashion Week;
    Jan. Shanghai Biennale - Landscape Urban Exhibition & Xintiandi Goat Year Art Installations;
  • 2014
    Dec. After “MERRY KISSMAS” Christmas celebration in 2013 which romances the whole city, it joins hands with internationally renowned design studio PAUL COCKSEDGE STUDIO to create warm “KISS THE MOMENT”.
    May “World of Hundreds of Photos” internationally renowned artist JR global art project INSIDE OUT. Take “World of Hundreds of Photos” as the theme to Shanghai Xintiandi. This is one of the largest street art activities in which Shanghai citizens participate in recent years;
    Apr-Oct. There are over a hundred design works in total held in Shanghai fashion week, including JI CHENG, ALBERTA FERRETTI, HAIZHEN WANG, QIUHAO and other famous brands, and it has acquired media value of 163,502,132 yuan by introducing various domestic and international media;
    Mar. “Free Your Style 2014 RIBA Project Shanghai Xintiandi”. In partnership with the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and British Council, Shanghai Xintiandi continually bring “Free Your Style 2014 RIBA Windows Project Shanghai Xintiandi”. Inviting 9 architectural firms in total certified by RIBA, uniting with 10 commercial tenants in Shanghai Xintiandi, Xintiandi Style and Corporate Avenue to create the most keen and innovative cross-over windows;
  • 2013
    Dec. 2013 Christmas celebration in Shanghai Xintiandi “MERRY KISSMAS”, Shanghai Xintiandi joins hands with internationally renowned design studio PAUL COCKSEDGE STUDIO to create the most prestigious KISS series of light interactive installation - light “KISS TREE” by kiss between couple, relatives and friends and create a unique romantic Christmas atmosphere.
    Oct. Fixed venue launch base of Shanghai Fashion Week – Press release 2014 S/S collection Two major fashion events “2013 A/W collection release of Shanghai Fashion Week” and “2014 S/S collection release of Shanghai Fashion Week”, have more than 70 show of brand release. During the event, Shanghai Xintiandi simultaneously launches series of designer brand custom-made exhibition and Taiwan design room to integrate exhibition, show and showroom into the one and present a wonderful idea of original design from multi -perspectives;
    Apr-Aug. Shanghai Xintiandi Art Festival takes “Chinese Music Heritage • Art Building Dream” as the theme to create a series of artistic and cultural activities;
    Apr. Fixed venue launch of Shanghai Fashion Week -2013 A/W collection release provides the best platform for displaying and mining Chinese original designers and then supports the young designers who are active in the field of Chinese fashion design;
  • 2012
    Dec. Nutcracker “Heart” Tiandi- Xintiandi New Year Lighting ceremony restores the scene in German classic Christmas fairy tale The Nutcracker with light laser show performance and cleverly uses environmental element of South and North block to build Shanghai Xintiandi a warm and childlike Christmas fairy tale kingdom;

    Xintiandi established for ten years, starlight in Pu River - 2012 Shanghai Xintiandi New Year countdown party. As one of the major orientation programs of international city Shanghai, Xintiandi begins to hold Countdown Party since it was built in 2001, which has become the representational activity of fashion orientation contrast with the traditional New Year activities in Shanghai for 10 consecutive years.
    Nov. jointly organize “The 10th Shanghai-style Culture Symposium” with Shanghai University;
    Sep. hold major activities of the first session of “Huaihaitiandi Fashion Month” for VOGUE Fashion Night Out. The event takes “Flowing Fashion” as the theme and launches a series of interactive activities at three levels, international brands, designer brands and fashion shops;
    Aug. found “Yalu Xintiandi” cultural development funds;
    Jun. the 46th Culture Forum of Jiefang Daily Group - our reminiscence and salute;
    The opening ceremony for the 10th anniversary of Shanghai Xintiandi - “I and Xintiandi” works exhibition;
    May “Epoch-making Ninety years - the 90th anniversary photo exhibition”;
    Apr. Shanghai Fashion Week interacts with Shanghai Xintiandi for development;
  • 2011
    Jun. Shanghai Reinvented—— "Me and Xintiandi" Exhibition was held at the Xintiandi South Plaza as a celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the establishment of Shanghai Xintiandi.
    Mar. Shanghai Xintiandi becomes the long-term strategic partner and designated release base for Shanghai Fashion Week.
  • 2010
    Nov. Xintiandi Style, the 3rd phase of Shanghai Xintiandi, is completed.
    Apr-Aug. Shanghai Xintiandi holds a mini Expo, themed “The Vogues of the World All Come to Xintiandi ", to celebrate the Shanghai World Expo. The successful series of events features performances and exhibitions from around the world and draws over 10 million visitors.
  • 2009
      "A Tale of Shikumen" created by Shanghai Xintiandi, wins second prize of New York Festivals-International Television, Film & Advertising Awards.
  • 2008
    Jun. The "Spring of Happiness", a foundation featuring Fu, Lu and Shou (which mean fortune, prosperity and longevity) is completed in the North Block of Xintiandi.
    Feb. The 800-day countdown to the 2010 Shanghai World EXPO is marked with a celebration at Shanghai Xintiandi.
  • 2007
    May Life Defined by Inspiration, an art movement that expresses outstanding life experience through artistic ideals, is held at Shanghai Xintiandi.
  • 2006
    Jun. Madam Liu Yongqing, the former first lady, leads the wives of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization’s five member states on a tour of Shanghai Xintiandi. The world-renowned Australian performance installation, Urban Dream Capsule Group, make its China debut at Shanghai Xintiandi.
    May The Shanghai Information Center for International Visitors is established at Shanghai Xintiandi.
    Jan. The Charity Star Bridge is completed in Taipingqiao Park to recognize generous citizens. Vincent Lo, Chairman of Shuion On Group, is awarded a "Charity Star".
  • 2005
    Oct. Shanghai Xintiandi holds its first fashion show, featuring the latest Autumn/Winter styles from its tenants. The show lands Xintiandi squarely in the heart of the city’s fashion scene.
  • 2004
    Jul. Shanghai Xintiandi participates in the first ever "Shanghai Week in Paris" exhibition serving as a hub for the communications of culture, history and the humanities between Paris and Shanghai.
    Jan. The opening ceremony of the 10th anniversary celebration of Shanghai Charity Foundation themed "Deep Love beneath the Heaven, True Feelings upon the Earth" is held on the bank of Taipingqiao Lake.
  • 2003
    Dec. The First New Year's Eve Lighting Ceremony is held at Shanghai Xintiandi.
    Nov. Miss World 2003, then the largest edition of the pageant in its history, debuts in China; The 108 contestants visit Xintiandi on their national tour.
    Oct. Shanghai Xintiandi, is awarded Urban Land Institute of America's Awards of Excellence and is selected to become a design case study at Harvard University.
    Jul. "Bye Bye SARS" event is held on the bank of Taipingqiao Lake.
  • 2002
    Dec. A grand ceremony was held at Xintiandi to celebrate Shanghai's successful bid for the World EXPO and a record 2.5 million international tourists visiting Shanghai. The First Shanghai Xintiandi New Year's Eve Countdown Party is held on Taipingqiao Lake.
    Nov. Shanghai Xintiandi, awarded Architecture Prize for Cultural Heritage by the American Institution of Architects.
  • 2001
    Oct. During the APEC Summit in Shanghai, foreign leaders including Russian President Vladimir Putin visits Shanghai Xintiandi.
    The dinner party of International Business Leaders' Advisory Council for the Mayor of Shanghai is held at Shanghai Xintiandi.
    Jun. Shanghai Xintiandi, completed.
    President Jiang Zemin visits the Memorial Site of the First National Congress of CPC, Xintiandi and Taipingqiao Lake and Park.

Development Objectives of Xintiandi

Initially, the Shanghai Xintiandi project met fierce criticism due to many people's misunderstanding of its innovative nature and early difficulties associated with the project. Thanks to the determination of the management of Shui On Group -- the principal investor of Shanghai Xintiandi -- the project came to its full realization in mid-2001, and soon after became the focus of Shanghai's international dining, fashion, entertainment and tourist community. 

What makes Shanghai Xintiandi a winning concept? Many cities around the world have their own landmark architecture set in old districts that were renovated into famous tourist spots. Mr. Vincent H S Lo, chairman of the Shui On Group, believed that Shanghai in the 21st century would become an important international metropolis. Shanghai Xintiandi provided an answer for preserving the old architecture of Shanghai that would be representative of its historical and cultural heritage. The Shui On Group raised the new idea of Shikumen conversion as early as in 1997: To abandon the residential function of Shikumen, and promote its role as a business district, turning the centennial antique quarter into a world full of vitality, vigor and cultural prestige. Breaking ground in 1999, the entire project had an expected budget of US$150 million. The first stage, Xintiandi Plaza, was completed in late 2001. 

Today, Xintiandi Plaza has already become a new Shanghai landmark. Containing 30,000 square metres and with a gross floor area of 60,000 square metres, the blocks of Shikumen buildings, with their preserved original walls and tiles, give tourists a unique feel of walking the bustling Shanghai streets of the 1920s and 30s. Inside every building-which may house a stylish international gallery, a trendy haute boutique, a theme restaurant, a fashionable cafe or a bar-everything is designed to keep pace with an exciting, modern lifestyle that is becoming vastly synonymous with the city of Shanghai. The marvelous Shikumen courtyard outside and the gleaming modernity inside strike a curious but charming contrast, shuttling customers between the past and the present. What's more, the assortment of street performances, the exciting promotions and first-rate events place Shanghai Xintiandi at the top of Shanghai's places to be, with its urban vitality and celebration of life.

Shanghai Xintiandi has rewritten the history of Shikumen, salvaging it from decay and revitalizing it with a new modernity. Today Shanghai Xintiandi has become the place of choice for local people, visitors from the mainland, and tourists from abroad who long to sample this glorious city's past and its dramatic metamorphosis into a metropolis booming with international promise.

Preserve the Shikumen Houses

Experts in Old Building Renovation Hired

To design Shanghai Xintiandi, the Shui On Group hired the services of Wood and Zapata Inc, a US-based architectural firm specialized in renovating old buildings, and the Singapore office of Nikken Sekkei International Ltd. Shanghai Tongji University's Urban Planning, Design and Research Institute is its architectural consultant. The designers needed to consider Xintiandi from several perspectives: the importance of preserving historical buildings, the need for urban development, as well as functional considerations of the buildings. 

Most of the old Shikumen buildings on the northern plot have been restored and complemented by some appropriate modern buildings. The southern plot is mainly made up of new constructions in a contemporary style, mixed with a small number of preserved Shikumen buildings. A pedestrian path links up the northern and southern plots.

Restoring the Shikumen Houses

The area previously housed about 2,300 families, amounting to more than 8,000 people. The Shui On Group has invested over RMB 600 million (about US$75 million) to relocate these residents. The Shikumen houses have been restored to meet the aesthetic and practical needs of the new tenants. All the Shikumen houses at Xintiandi are equipped with the latest modern facilities, including concealed fibre-optic and air-conditioning systems, to ensure maximum efficiency and reliability. Yet many original architectural features had been retained. The dry brick-wall, a specific feature of Shikumen houses, is one example.

 Preserving the Original Bricks and Tiles

In order to reflect Shikumen's true history, the original bricks and tiles have been preserved as rebuilding materials. The old bricks and tiles were primarily laid with a costly moisture proof chemical fluid imported from Germany. Before the roofs were paved, they were covered with two layers of waterproofing and heat insulation materials. The price for these old bricks and tiles proved far higher than that of new ones.

Installing Modern Facilities in Old Buildings

Shikumen-style houses formed the basis of the "Li Long" (lane) community where private spheres and public spaces overlapped. In this community, everyone knew everyone else's business. As the density of the community rose, some family activities were often moved to public spaces.

The Xintiandi project represents not simply a restoration of Shikumen to its original form, but a cultural and historical return to its original spirit.